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Things To Do In Keriang Hill

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We know how to find a perfect roads and extraordinary experiences. Our guide take the role of making this magic come to life, delivering every piece of this wanderlust dream to our guests with perfection. Our guide are trained to “WOW” factor, and we don’t take that word lightly here at Keriang Hill

Hiking _ Mount Keriang

Mount Keriang is home to traces of old limestone rock formations dated over 250 million years ago and it offers a vast paddy field view from the top.

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Caving - Mount Keriang

Every cave enthusiast should make time to discover the cave options within the vicinity of Gunung Keriang such as Gua Jutawan, Gua Tanduk Rusa, Gua Buaya, Gua Komunis, Gua Angin and Gua Cepiar. All these caves have varied structures, formations as well as distinctive myths and history of each which can be interestingly told if you come here on a guided tour. For instance, if you go to Gua Buaya, you can see the rock formations resembling the shape of a crocodile or in Malay known as buaya.

Treasure Of The sea

Treasure of sea in the form of colourful coral and exotic marine life abound around the four-island-archipelago in the Andaman Sea. The four island that make up this jewel of the west coast are Pulau Song-Song, Pulau Telor, Pulau Bunting and Pulau Bidan. Located the coast of Yan, only 45 minutes away from Keriang Hill.