Outdoor Wedding at Keriang Hill

Laporan Khas Keriang Hill, lokasi percutian di kaki gunung batu kapur Gunung Keriang. Bertemakan "Back to Kampung Life" menawarkan percutian yang berbeza bagi para pengunjung yang berkunjung.

Celebrate your birthday here ! a place that bring you to the beauty malaysian hospitality, rich culture etiquette and sereneity of nature

Embrace the beauty and peaceful surroundings of Keriang Hill, which has been portrayed in local drama "Lelaki Kiriman Tuhan", directed by Rashid Sibir and produced by Zeel Productions. Watch it on Astro channel Oasis (106) and Maya HD (135) every monday at 9.00pm.

Keriang Hill view from drone's eye - Idyllic kampung escape at majestic Keriang Hill Resort several hundred metres from the foothills of Kedah’s majestic Gunung Keriang lies a gem of a resort, where history and myth meet the peaceful setting of a kampung-style getaway. The 250 million-year-old limestone mountain provides a perfect backdrop for 15 unique village-style chalets,

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